Retirement age is changing! The law applies from July 1


For men, the standard retirement age is 63 years and the contribution period is 34 years.

CNAS says that, in the case of both men and women, the old-age pension is established for a contribution period of at least 15 years.

Women who have given birth and educated up to the age of eight, five and more children can benefit from reductions in the standard retirement age. They can retire three years before standard age.

Exceptions are also made by those who have worked in special working conditions. They can retire earlier, more details on this topic being found on the CNAS website, under the heading Pensions.

In the public pension system, the amount of the old-age pension is calculated on the basis of the contribution period completed during the applicant’s employment and the income which formed the basis for calculating social security contributions.

According to CNAS, when establishing the pension, the salary certificates from the activities performed until January 1, 1999 are no longer presented, the pension being calculated only on the basis of the insured income realized after that date, reflected in the personal social insurance account of the insured person. state of individual records in the public social insurance system. The contribution period completed during the period of activity spent on the workbook is taken into account.

Those who want to receive a pension must submit the application and the necessary documents to the Territorial Social Insurance House at their place of residence within 30 days from reaching retirement age. If the application is submitted after 30 days, the old-age pension will be granted from the date of presentation of the last necessary document.

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