Rio’s court orders the arrest of the son of one of the largest service providers to the state


Rio’s court ordered the arrest of the son of one of the state’s biggest suppliers and that of a major former service provider who has lived in the United States for years, the federal court said Monday.

Vinicius Peixoto was arrested in a deployment of Operation Favorite, which last month took his father, businessman Mário Peixoto, to jail. He is considered a major supplier to the state since the time of ex-governor Sérgio Cabral. The son is initially arrested at home for contracting Covid-19, but will later be taken to the prison system.

According to Judge Marcelo Bretas, holder of the task force of the Lava Jato operation in Rio de Janeiro, father and son benefited from contracts with the State Department of Health and committed crimes together.

“Mario Peixoto, together with his son Vinicius Peixoto, in theory, used their relatives and people interposed to receive amounts with the contracts made by OS IDR (managed by Mario himself) within the scope of the Rio de Janeiro Health Department. so much, they had control of countless legal entities; these often used for concealment and concealment of capital, as well as for the payment, in theory, of bribes to public agents responsible for inspecting and hiring social organizations “, declared the magistrate in the decision citing that father and son also hid illegal resources in off shores.

According to Bretas, the Peixoto family had a connection with another major supplier in the state, Arthur Soares, known as “King Arthur”. He has been on the run for years in the United States, but local officials are unable to extradite. King Arthur was once again imprisoned, this time as part of Operation Favorite.

“Even though he is a fugitive from the Brazilian justice system, he continues to operate within the scope of the criminal organization … Arthur had a fundamental role in the crimes committed by Mário Peixoto”, said the magistrate who asked for the inclusion of Arthur Soares in Interpol’s wanted list.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office have already carried out at least 5 operations to investigate alleged frauds in the purchase of Rio’s health portfolio.

Reuters was unable to contact Vinícius Peixoto’s defense.

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