Rita ‘gives the leg’ to the Santa Cruz family and announces that she will be the owner of the estate!


Today in Want to Destiny:

Carlos (João Vicente) insists on knowing what happened to Bernardo. Joana (Marina Mota) tells her that she was deceived and asks to keep the secret from her family. Carlos leaves without answering. Joana tries to reach him, but stumbles.

Carla (Ana Sofia Martins) and Sandra (Marta Faial) listen to Isabela (Inês Herédia) giving advice on plants, and the maid eventually accepts Sandra’s invitation to work with you at PH Natural. Sandra indicates that she needs to tell Hugo (Rodrigo Paganelli). At that moment, João (Isaac Alfaiate) arrives and learns what Marcos (Pedro Teixeira) did to them.

Lucas (Filipe Vargas) tells Vitória (Sara Barradas) that he is happy with his return. Vitória apologizes for the way she reacted in the past, and apologizes for the fact that he is a married man. At that moment, they are interrupted by a call from Álvaro.

Carla says it was difficult to press charges against Marcos. Shaken, João says that he feels better about dealing with problems and that he thinks Marcos should seek help.

Carlos thinks about Joana’s confession, cries and starts drinking wildly.

Catarina (Maria José Pascoal) asks Mateus what made him change his mind and accept Vitória, but Mateus doesn’t answer. Lucas comes in and asks to discuss an urgent matter with his mother.

Lucas tells Catarina that Álvaro called to let him know that «Cruzeiro do Sul» will terminate the contract with them. Catarina stresses that she wants to accompany him to speak with the lawyer.

Rita (Maya Booth) talks to Fernando (Sérgio Silva) via skype, saying that she made Álvaro denounce the contract with Santa Cruz. Fernando is proud and reminds her not to fall in love with Marcos again. Rita indicates that she is attentive and warns that she will soon be the owner of the estate.

Lucas tells Vitória that he is going out with his mother, because they are in trouble that could lead them to ruin.

Ana (Madalena Aragão) arrives from school and is surprised to see Vitória, but ignores her and indicates that she has school work to do, leaving Vitória desolate.

Patrícia (Leonor Seixas) is disgusted that Alfredo (Luís Esparteiro) likes Joana, and cries.

Hugo (Rodrigo Paganelli) takes Madalena (Anna Eremin) to his house, to eat Joana’s snacks, when Sandra arrives and is jealous.

Ana goes to Mateus’ room and says she didn’t have time to get Isabela’s letter, venting that she needs to have good grades in the chemistry test. Mateus encourages her to study and asks her niece’s cell phone to send Marcos a message.

Hugo calls Maria (Mafalda Marafusta), looking for Alfredo, and asks them to return to the Herdade because Joana is looking for Carlos.

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