Roger Machado’s mother dies in Porto Alegre


Club sympathized with the loss of the Squadron coach and changed the person responsible for the press conference next Friday (26)

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Bahia coach Roger Machado suffered a severe blow this Thursday (25th).

Photo: Disclosure / Bahia

Photo: Disclosure / Bahia

Photo: Lance!

This is because, according to information confirmed by the Salvador club, the mother of the Squadron coach, Ione Machado, died in the city of Porto Alegre in causes not yet officially clarified.

Also according to the Tricolor, the burial of Roger’s mother will take place at dawn on Friday (25) in the capital of Porto Alegre and will be accompanied by the squad’s trainer.

With that, the press conference that was scheduled for the end of the business week with Roger will be given by left-back Juninho Capixaba, who returned this season on loan from Grêmio.

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