See the neighborhoods with the most Covid-19 cases


After a request from Alderman Amigão D’orto (PSB), the city of Ribeirão Pires started to publicize the confirmed cases of Covid-19 through subdivided regions of our city. The infected person’s place of residence is the geographical factor analyzed for the inclusion of the data table.

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The city hall divided Ribeirão Pires into six different zones, where it is possible to check which are the main infection sites in the municipality. The first region, and with more cases, is the area where the Centro Alto (Vila Aurora, Vila Nova Suissa, Maristela, etc.) is located, the center and region of Colôlia (Bertoldo, Jardim Alvorada, Itacolomi, etc.). In this region there have already been 62 confirmed cases of the disease. Of these, nine people did not resist and died.

The second region with more cases in the city is that of Parque Aliança, Bocaina and region. In all, 43 people tested positive for covid-19 and four died. In the Santa Luzia region, Pilar and its surroundings had a confirmed death and 38 residents tested positive for the virus.

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The region of Jardim Roncon, Santana and Barro Branco, had 33 residents who tested positive for the virus. Three died. In the fourth division and Ouro fino there are already 32 confirmed cases and four deaths and in the region of the Dam and Caçula garden there is already a death due to the disease and another 15 people have been infected.

Experts, however, warn of cases of underreporting, and report that the cases can be numerous times greater than those reported, since there is no mass testing of the population.

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