The spread of coronavirus outbreaks is putting pressure on large companies with thousands of employees


Outbreaks of coronavirus pose a risk to large companies in the fields that have continued to operate or resume operations, and cases of COVID from Dedeman, Arctic or FAN Courier show the importance of keeping the epidemic under control, both by authorities and by companies. .

In March, an employee of Dedeman from Resita was confirmed with the new virus, all his colleagues being placed in quarantine, while disinfecting the store. Dedeman has 11,000 employees in its 51 stores nationwide. Also, in mid-May, 66 employees at the Arctic refrigerator factory in Gaesti were confirmed with the new coronavirus. The outbreak of the coronavirus in the refrigerator factory started with two patients in the production hall, who made contact with the rest of the infected colleagues. Arctic has 4,000 employees.

This week, on Tuesday, June 9, FAN Courier announced that 24 people employed at the warehouse in Ştefăneşti were infected with COVID-19, but the company’s activity is normal. The company states that there is no risk of infection for the other employees or for the beneficiaries of the packages. FAN Courier has over 2,700 employees. Dragoş Damian, CEO of the drug manufacturer Terapia Cluj, recently told ZF that the solution for a safer environment for employees can be the way of working in drug factories, for example, where safety measures and protective equipment, from masks on overalls or visors are already common for employees.

The number of patients infected with coronavirus reached 20,945 people, increasing by 196 new cases compared to the previous day, informs the Strategic Communication Group. There is a further increase in the number of new cases, after stabilizing at about 150 new cases per day in the last two weeks. The number of cured patients is 15,103 people, ie 72% of the total. Suceava has more than 3,600 infected patients, still being the area most affected in the country by the infection with the new virus. Bucharest reached 2,200 patients. The death toll reached 1,360 people.

At the moment, 150 patients are hospitalized at ATI. On the Romanian territory, there are 2,200 people in institutionalized quarantine, and another 99,300 people are in isolation at home and are under medical monitoring. Authorities have so far processed 520,564 tests, up from 511,295 processed the day before, which means about 9,200 tests a day. The testing capacity is higher, from previous data, but the number of samples processed varies from day to day. Georgiana Mihalache

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