These people are almost immune to the new coronavirus! What is the essential element –


According to a study conducted by 23andMe, people with blood type 0 have a lower risk of becoming infected with the new coronavirus and being hospitalized, informs the Financial Times.

The study was performed on 750,000 participants, and according to the results, these people have a 9% -18% lower probability of becoming infected with the new coronavirus.

According to the data obtained, people who were exposed to the virus, including medical staff and emergency services, were 13% -26% less likely to become infected.

Also, 23andMe researchers have identified a variation in the AB0 genes that generate blood group encodings and would explain the lower risks.

Coronavirus, associated with cardiovascular disease

The results of the study are also notable in the context in which Covid-19 disease has been associated with blood clots and cardiovascular disease.

“The study and data collection are ongoing, with the hope that we will be able to use our research platform to better understand the different ways people react to the virus. Finally, we hope to publish the findings of our research to provide more data to the scientific community, “said 23andMe.

At the same time, researchers around the world are checking whether genetic data can provide answers to the effects of coronavirus, trying to find out why some people are more severely affected than others.

In addition to the 23andMe research, two other studies looked at variations in the AB0 genes. This is a study from China that shows that blood group 0 has a lower risk of infection.

Also, another study conducted by Columbia University in New York showed that only people with a positive 0 blood group are less likely to become infected with the new coronavirus. The 23andMe study did not find any difference in the probability of infection between the 0 positive and 0 negative groups.

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