This time would come: here is the PowerPoint Militias-Family Bolsonaro – 06/30/2020


Operation Anjo, launched on June 18, took a few steps forward in elucidating the ties of Fabrício Queiroz and the Bolsonaro family with the militias in Rio de Janeiro.

The depth of this relationship is not yet clear, but the Public Prosecutor’s Office revealed important facts in the piece that asked for the arrest of Flávio Bolsonaro’s former aide.

Among them, a suspicious encounter between the senator’s lawyer, Luis Gustavo Botto, and relatives of former Bope captain Adriano Magalhães da Nóbrega, appointed as head of a militia.

Also participating in this meeting was Queiroz’s wife, Márcia Aguiar, who remains on the run. The objective, according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, would be to draw up an escape plan for the family of the former adviser with the help of Adriano, his friend.

Another point raised by the Public Prosecutor’s Office is Queiroz’s relationship with militiamen from the west of Rio. Messages exchanged between Márcia and her husband indicate that he maintains influence over a paramilitary group in Rio das Pedras.

In December 2019, Márcia forwarded to the retired PM the audio of a man who wanted to ask Queiroz for help after being threatened by the paramilitary group that dominates the region.

“I wanted that, if he could call, if he met someone here, Tijuquinha, Rio das Pedras, the ‘boys’ who take care of here,” said the interlocutor to Queiroz’s wife.

In response to Márcia, the former aide said that he could intercede with the militiamen personally, but that he would not make contact over the phone because he was afraid of being tapped.
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