Three infected prison guards. Classes end today


ANDThis year does not play for the exit. THE year academic ends today, with the end of the 3rd period, after more than three months of distance learningncia, where most students and teachers were online. Little is known about the coming year, and it should start between the 14th and 17th of September.

THE Government yesterday approved the civic duty of home collection in 19 parishes in five of the 18 municipalities of the Area Lisbon Metropolitan (AML), namely from Lisbon, Sintra, Amadora, Odivelas and Loures, from 1 July. Who fails recommendations risks (heavy) fines. Since most of the territory will be on alert, in the next two weeks we will then have a country at three speeds. You can check on here everything that was announced yesterday by Prime Minister António Costa.

The most recent data from DirectionGeneral of Health indicate that the new coronavirus already made a total of 40,415 infected and 1,549 Deaths in Portugal, an increase of six Deaths and 311 new cases in the last 24 hours. The number of recovered is 26,382 (299 more than yesterday). THE pandemic has already caused almost 484 thousand deaths and infected more than 9.5 million people in 196 countries and territories.

See the evolution maps pandemic of the new coronavirus in Portugal and in rest of the world.

Follow HERE THE MINUTE the latest developments on the Covid-19 in Portugal and in the World:

10:06 – Russia confirms 6,800 more cases and 176 deaths from Covid-19. With this new data, the total number of infected in the country. The total number of deaths, since the beginning of pandemic, is 8,781.

10:03 am – News from Mass killings of bats in various parts of the world are alarming conservationists and animal rights advocates – they believe that blaming bats may be causing the real culprits to escape.

9:56 am – THE Dutch government will deliver a € 3.4 million package, in the form of state loans and commercial guarantees, to the airline KLM to cope with the effects of pandemic per Covid-19.

9:39 am – This Thursday, Brazil recorded another 1,141 dead by the Covid-19, totaling 54,971 fatalities. The head of state, Jair Twitter, in a broadcast on your Facebook, paid tribute to the victims of pandemic, asking the president of the International Tourism Agency to sing the song “Ave Maria”. The moment can be seen right at the beginning of the video.

9:26 am – A country at three rhythms. What can (and cannot) you do in each of them? From the next 1st of July, Continental Portugal will be on Alert until the end of the pandemic. Due to the high number of contagions in Lisbon and the Tagus Valley (LVT), this region will be on the Contingency level and 19 parishes of the Area Metropolitana de Lisboa (AML) remain, however, in a State of Calamity.

9h17 – There is three guards prisoners from prison Caravan infected. The “three positive cases in elements of the prison guard corps” are, according to the DGRSP, “asymptomatic“and” isolation in their homes. “After confirmation of cases in Caxias, there is also an indication of three cases at the Prison Caravan.

9h11 – THE The human immune response has distinct characteristics that vary according to age and that is why it is essential to invest in the production of more than one vaccine against the new coronavirus, which causes Covid-19.

8:49 am – The impacts of pandemic in Covid-19 made them feel, like others sectors, in scientific research. According to the National Federation of Teachers (FENPROF), it is area “did not escape the rule and the disturbances arising from pandemic had reflexes at various levels “. The union organization now asks the Government for answers.

8:35 am – a scientist accused the Trump administration on Thursday of punishing him, removing him from a top position, after having revealed flaws in the response to coronavirus from United States.

8:27 am – THE United Nations Fund for the InfThencia (UNICEF) estimated today that millions of children will be on the verge of hunger in the Yemen, devastated by war, affected through the pandemic and the drop in humanitarian aid.

8:24 am – THE airport of Orly, in Paris, started operating today with the departure of a flight to Francisco Sá Carneiro airport, Porto, after a closure of almost three months due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

8:16 am – THE Germany registers 477 new cases of Covid-19 and 21 dead in the last 24 hours. According to the most recent data from the Robert Koch Institute, in total there are already 192,556 infected and 8,948 deadly victims. The country already has more than 177,000 recovered.

7:57 am – One in three ex-patients could have serious damage for life, as the new coronavirus, Which causes Covid-19, can cause irreparable damage to the lungs and not only. The side effects of Covid-19 include lung damage, chronic fatigue and brain damage.

7:42 am – THE China diagnosed 13 new cases of covid-19 in the last 24 hours, including 11 in Beijing, was announced today by the Chinese authorities. All cases in Beijing are locally contagious. The remaining two are from abroad and were diagnosed in Shanghai, China’s financial ‘capital’.

7:35 am – THE Direction-General Budget (DGO) today releases budget execution data to May, after April the deficit in public accounts worsened by 341 million euros to 1,651 million euros. In the synthesis of DGO, measures related to combating pandemic in Covid-19, which have already been felt strongly, were quantified at 680.2 million euros.

7:33 am – THE year academic ends today, with the end of the 3rd period, after more than three months of distance learningncia, where most students and teachers were online.

7:31 am – The United States recorded an additional 618 deaths Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, reaching 122,550 Deaths since the beginning of pandemic, according to a Johns Hopkins University balance sheet. The country now accounts for more than 2.4 million confirmed cases, with 38,079 infections in just one day.

7:27 am – THE Mexico surpassed on Thursday the 200 thousand confirmed cases and the 25 thousand deaths by Covid-19after registering 6,104 infections and 736 Deaths in the last 24 hours.

7:25 am – THE Porto Municipal Assembly approved a displeasure motion regarding the flight plan and routes of TAP, the PSD, and another from the Left Bloc in the face of “discriminatory treatment” that has been given to the city airport.

7:12 am – THE child death associated with Covid-19 is very rare and occurs in less than 1% of cases, given that the disease is usually moderate in that age group, according to a European survey in which 82 health facilities participated.

7:07 am – US officials estimated on Thursday that the total of infected we USA like New coronavirus can reach 20 million people (about ten times more), meaning that the vast majority of the population remains susceptible.

7am – Good morning, you can follow the new updates regarding the pandemic in the country and in the world. Record on here the previous record.

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