Union denounces transport of three infected by Covid-19 by Samu de BH


In an interview with radio Super 91.7 FM president of Sindibel, Israel Arimar de Moura said that in the last 40 days 109 health professionals contracted the new coronavirus

Ambulances from the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) are said to be transporting up to three patients with coronavirus. The Belo Horizonte City Hall has already acknowledged, on other occasions, that it received “eventually”, until two patients can use the same vehicle, which must be larger in size. The practice endangers the health of health professionals.

As informed by the president of the Union of Servers and Municipal Public Employees of Belo Horizonte (Sindibel), Israel Arimar de Moura, in an interview for Super 91.7 FM radio, in the last 40 days, in the entity’s accounts, 109 health professionals in BH contracted coronavirus.

“The pandemic has been getting worse and the union has been putting these signs on. More than two weeks ago we received complaints that Samu’s ambulances drove two and some cases look like coronavirus patients at the same time, in the same ambulance, which we understand is not recommended ”, He stated.

The concern was even exposed in a public note released by the union on June 19. According to the note, the recommendation of health authorities is that only one patient with Covid-19 be transported at a time.

Also according to the president of Sindibel, until May 12, there were 12 professionals infected with coronavirus and, in the last 40 days, that number of patients jumped to 109. “The situation worsens from the moment you have more people in need sector and there is no way to attend to it ”, said Israel de Moura.

Until the publication of this article, the city of Belo Horizonte had not yet commented on Sindibel’s allegations.

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