What famous showbiz man does Cleopatra Stratan fall in love with. Surprise of proportions for fans!


Ever since their musical collaboration, there has been speculation about a possible relationship. However, only now have they decided to let the fans know that they are together. It seems that Pavel Stratan’s daughter, Cleopatra, is in love with a young man famous and admired by girls. The couple surprised their fans with the announcement of the relationship.

Cleopatra Stratan and Edward Sanda, a fresh couple

They are young and enjoy that teenage love. However, Edward Sanda and Cleopatra Stratan they did not initially assume the relationship. The two collaborated for the song “Cozonac” and many speculated then that it would be more than a musical relationship.

The newest couple in showbiz avoided making the announcement from the beginning. On the other hand, a good friend gave them away. Amna, Edward Sanda’s friend, initially revealed that the two young men were having a love affair.

Although many still see Cleopatra as the little girl who recently performed the song “Ghita”, today she is a young lady all right. And her current boyfriend has only words of praise for her. Thus, Edward Sanda revealed the relationship between them on Antena Stars. At the same time, the young artist confessed that he and Cleopatra have a special relationship.

Yes, we are together! When there was speculation that we were together, we weren’t. We collaborated strictly musically, we saw each other in the studio, we released a song together and after all that stuff rumbled, we kept talking. Anyway, we talked a lot and very often and somehow we inevitably got closer. We felt that we have a lot in common, we have a very beautiful connection together and we are exactly the same in everything. Everything I’ve ever looked for, I see in it now. That’s exactly what I was looking for, confessed Edward Sanda, for Antena Stars, according to cancan.ro.

Cleopatra and Edward form the newest couple in love
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