7 multiplayer shooting games that you have to play on your Android



Multiplayer shooting games are very popular all over the world, the Android system is no different, you can have fun anywhere and anytime.

Today we will highlight some action games that involve shooting and that you have to play on your Android, so you can have fun with many players around the world.

With these 7 multiplayer games you have a great chance of finding a shooting game to play for a long time, since practically everyone is always up to date, bringing improvements and news to the players.

7 multiplayer shooting games you should play on Android

Well known worldwide, Garena Free Fire is a huge success on the Android system, allowing you to play with or against players from around the world.

Free Fire brings strategic combat, are 10-minute matches with 50 players in the same phase, this means that it is each one for himself, and the winner is the one who stays alive last.

If you want, you can play squad with 4 players, you can communicate, and create a high-level strategy to face enemy teams.


The game promises easy to use controls, smooth graphics, ranked games and will work on Android 4.0.3 or higher and is free to play.

Download now from the Google Play store:

Free Fire

Shadowgun War Games

It is a game totally dedicated to e-sports, that means it is very competitive and brings a lot of team action.

The matches are of 5 players against 5 players, you will be able to select ways to capture the flag, team killer, the characters are unique and each has their own skills.

The graphics are a show apart, as well as other games in the Shadowgun series, it features high definition graphics and combat effects.

Free to play, the game brings as a requirement, having a device with Android 6.0 or higher.

Download now from the Google Play store:

Shadowgun War Games

Critical Ops

The game is practically a Rainbow Six mobile, the intention is not always to shoot like a madman, but to form a united squad that will act at the same time to overcome the enemy team.

We have team killer mode, Arsenal, but the highlight is the Disarm mode, which needs to place a bomb and defend until it explodes, but without letting the enemy do the same on your side of the field.

The graphics are very interesting and bring a perfect atmosphere for this type of game, which requires quick reflexes and total control of your skills.

With many updates, the game is free to play, the requirement is to have a device with Android 4.4 or higher.

Download now from the Google Play store:

Critical Ops

Modern Combat Versus

But a shooting game focused on e-sports, bringing a lot of action and unique matches for players who love this style.

Modern Combat is a well-known Gameloft franchise, with the Versus version, the focus is on multiplayer matches.

The battles are between teams of 4 players against 4 players, there are several game modes, more than 13 different characters, each with their own weapons and skills, it is still possible to form a clan and even participate in tournaments.

The graphics are the same as the most recent Modern Combat games, the game is free to play, and requires a device running Android 4.1 or higher.

Download now from the Google Play store:

Modern Combat Versus

PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG managed to highlight the Battle Royale style worldwide, that the player has only one life and is the winner only if he can beat all other players and survive.

Players can play in either first or third person, which is great for playing the way you like best in shooting games.

The classic mode unites 100 players in a single phase, there are many different modes, even one that allows you to create a team of 4 players to face 4 other players, but we also have clans, vehicles, events and daily challenges.

Using Unreal Engine 4, the game promises a lot of action, high quality graphics, high definition sounds and many different stages.

To have fun in PUBG it is necessary to have a device with Android 4.3 or higher, it is recommended that it has at least 2GB of RAM, but for simpler devices, there is the PUBG Lite, which is optimized and runs on weaker smartphones, both versions can be used without paying anything.

Download now from the Google Play store:


Fortnite Battle Royale

One of the great competitors of PUBG, but instead of traditional phases, we have a more colorful and very different world from its competitors.

Another very interesting difference that allows you to improve your strategy is the resource to build or destroy, you can even create a shelter to have an advantage, if your enemy is in a shelter, just destroy and you will have free vision to shoot.

In Fortnite you can create teams with your friends, battle alone, on the battlefield just go out looking for resources and equipment to overcome all the enemies that come your way.

The game also uses Unreal Engine 4 and is free to play, but requires powerful devices to work perfectly, the recommendation is to have a device with Android 7.1 or higher, with a minimum of 4GB of RAM and GPU: Adreno 530, Mali- G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or higher.

Download now from the Google Play store:


Call of Duty Mobile

It is one of the most popular PC and console games in the style of action and shooting, in its Mobile version, Call of Duty brings its strongest points to devices with the Android system.

Players can be entertained in Battle Royale mode with 100 players, killer team with 5 players counting 5 players, matches between snipers only, locate and destroy, against everyone, conflict zone, frontline and more.

The graphics are in high definition, we have voice chat, text, the stages are well known from previous games, we have several famous characters from the series and the possibility to customize your soldier with different weapons and equipment.

Call of Duty: Mobile will run on devices running Android 4.3 or higher, it’s free to play.

Download now from the Google Play store:

Call of Duty: Mobile


These 7 multiplayer shooting games for Android are very interesting and it is practically a must to play if you like the style, but remember that they all require you to stay connected to be able to play and compete with people from all over the world, they are free to play, but have items to buy.

Unfortunately not all games reveal the minimum hardware requirements to work, so you need to download and test them on your Android, only then you can see if the games are really playable on your device.


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