Cristina Tunegaru shows how it is possible to get from grade 6 to 10 after the appeal


Cristina Tunegaru, a Romanian language teacher, explains on Facebook how it is possible to get from grade 6 to 10 after the appeal?

,, Here is how a correction day for national exams takes place:

At 7:30 the teachers show up at the correction center. After a lot of administrative work, I receive the work for lunch. It is corrected in pairs, each teacher knows who his half is. The atmosphere is in a hurry, agitation, pressure. After the first hand is corrected, each pair exchanges work. Theoretically, each teacher should also correct the second hand. Sometimes, the second hand materializes in copying the slip from the colleague. That is, the teacher who should give the second grade barely looks at the paper and has complete confidence in his colleague.

After both corrections are made, they go to the inspector to hand over the works. At the same time, the confrontation takes place. If the two have corrected individually, without copying slips, and there are big differences, greater than one point, the inspector asks them to decide, to decide the grade. Then, the inspector withdraws his gaze and the two teachers change the borders (strategically written in pencil), so that the difference in score between the two corrections is acceptable. Without looking at the paper, without discussing the application, the final notes are established at the table with the inspector, in a few seconds, with the eraser and the pencil, directly on the slip.

Imagine: if the first hand gave a grade of 6 on a work of 10 and the second hand did not even look at the paper, grade 6 becomes the final grade. Although the proofreading teachers sign each paper, they do not bear any responsibility, except for the moral one that can take a back seat, when all you want is to get rid of it faster.

Incredible situation: Several grades were even 4 points lower than they would normally have deserved

Incredible situation in a locality from Gorj county. Several marks received at the National Assessment were even … carefully … 4 points lower than they would normally have deserved. As a result of the scoring mistakes, the students were the only ones who suffered. A girl even made a semi-paresis when she saw that she got only 6, on a work marked after the appeal, with 10.

The results of the National Assessment seem as unusual as the exam. After the appeals, the differences between the grades were, in some cases, very large. In Brașov County, some works in German received 4 extra points, at the second correction. There are also differences in mathematics. A student who initially received a grade of 6 scored 10 after the appeal.

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