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After success with three-dimensional animals in augmented reality, Google announced the arrival of dinosaurs to its search app. There are ten dinos, brought directly from the film Jurassic World to see in the most varied environments.

Just like in animals case, just start a search on the Google app with the name of one of the dinosaurs. The search result then shows the option “See in 3D” on cell phones compatible with the feature, allowing you to view the animals. The integration with the dinosaurs also includes simulations of the sounds produced by them.

One problem encountered when trying to place a tyrannosaurus in the living room is the proportion of the animals. The application automatically resizes the dinosaur, allowing it to appear in full on the mobile screen.

You can adjust the size of the monsters on the screen using the two-finger pinch gesture. To get an idea of ​​the animal’s original size, just tap on the “View actual size” option. The option works best, of course, outdoors, as in the video published by Google:

How to see the dinosaurs

On compatible phones with the feature – check the updated list this page – just search for the name of one of the dinosaurs in the list below, or simply search for the word “dinosaur” in the Google application to Android or iOS.

Using the term “Dinosaur” and then tapping the “See in 3D” button, the application will show a list of the ten available reproductions.

During three-dimensional viewing, the app offers a button to take photos or record videos, opening up hobby options.

Dinosaurs available

  • Tyrannosaurus
  • Stegosaurus
  • Velociraptor
  • Triceratops
  • Spinosaurus
  • Brachiosaurus
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Dilophosaurus
  • Pteranodon
  • Parasaurolophus

Source: Google

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