EU allows citizens of 15 countries to enter, but not Brazil


Travelers from the USA, Russia and India are also prohibited from entering block countries

THE European Union (EU) announced that Brazilian, American, Russian and Indian citizens will not be able to enter its borders from tomorrow, July 1, when the travel restrictions established after the beginning of the pandemic in coronavirus start to be reduced. According to the bloc, the decision is based on the failure of the aforementioned countries to contain the spread of Covid-19.

In contrast, citizens of 15 countries – Arglia, Australia, Canada, China, Gergy, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay – will be allowed to cross borders, since the EU will need to renew its tourist industry, an essential factor for the continent’s economic maintenance. In the case of China, travel is subject to some criteria of reciprocity. The list of countries will be reevaluated every two weeks.

Cemetery in Brazil. Image:Bruno Kelly / Reuters

Even with the economic crisis, the EU felt that allowing tourists from the Brazil, United States, Russia and India too risky. What worries the EU is the response of the respective pandemic governments, as they do not have any forecast of improvement in the short term.

Although the Americas were hit late by the coronavirus, the region has become the new global epicenter: the numbers of Brazil and the United States, together, exceed four million infected and 186 thousand deaths. Still, states in both countries continue to present plans to reopen.

Via: The Verge

Check out in real time COVID-19 in Brazil:

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