SpaceX successfully launches US Space Force satellite on Tuesday (30)


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THE SpaceX launched on Tuesday afternoon (30) a new GPS satellite for the United States Space Force. The flight was delayed a bit due to strong winds at launch time in Florida, but the Falcon 9 rocket managed to take the cargo into orbit around 5:10 pm (GMT), and its reusable stages have already safely landed on a ship. -drone of the company in the Atlantic.

The mission is part of the update that the United States Department of Defense has been carrying out on the GPS constellation already in orbit. What was sent on Tuesday will replace one of the oldest and most powerful satellites currently in the system, which remains with a total number of 31 units. Called GPS III SV03, the new model was built by Lockheed Martin and, according to the company, it has “three times better accuracy and up to eight times greater anti-interference capacity”.

Check out the launch record below:

The probe also has a number of modern features. It can transmit a new signal designed to help civilians and commercial users and can communicate with other navigation satellites, such as those in the European constellation Galileo. Thus, people who use GPS can connect with several other location units in our orbit.

Source: The Verge

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