THE BALL – NBA 2K20 and two more free games: PlayStation Plus turns 10 and distributes gifts (Games)


On the day it celebrates the 10th anniversary of the launch date (June 29, 2010) of the PlayStation Plus service, Sony announced the offer of three games for subscribers of the service and the company’s star is NBA 2K20, a basketball game critically acclaimed and that gathers the preference of millions of ‘gamers’ worldwide.

With a community of more than 41 million people, PS Plus allows subscribers to access online multiplayer modes, in addition to guaranteed monthly offering two titles to add to the library (sometimes more, as is the case this month) and to which they will be able to play as long as they keep the subscription active.

Sony jokes that if PS Plus were a country, it would have the 36th largest population in the world, but the truth is that one of the beauties of the service is the fact that it pits players from all corners of the planet face to face. WipEout HD was one of the first games offered, in a list that exceeded a thousand in a decade – the most downloaded were Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, Sonic Forces, Shadow of the Colossus, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and Destiny 2.

After favoring First Person Shooter games with a strong multiplayer component last month, this month’s offer blinks another type of audience.

Find out which games can be downloaded for free from July 7th.

NBA 2K20

With the basketball season in the United States of America marked by the Covid-19 pandemic that led to the suspension of the NBA in March, NBA 2K20 is a real toast to all lovers of the sport. If the league will resume in Orlando at the end of July, starting on the 7th, PS Plus subscribers around the world will be able to download and install the latest 2K Sports basketball simulator free of charge, a title that costs the PS Store, for anyone does not subscribe to PS Plus, € 59.99 as of today.

With local multiplayer mode for up to 4 people and the possibility to play in a network with 10 players simultaneously, NBA 2K20 is described by experts as being the simulator with better graphics and gameplay – something where opinions are divided, between fans of the series and fans from EA Sports’ NBA Live series.

The truth is that no basketball fan is indifferent to NBA 2K20 and its countless game modes, including the possibility of playing games with women’s teams, or embracing an online career, including the famous My Team and My Career.


Released in 2016 on PS4, Rise of The Tomb Raider: 20 year celebration intended, as the name implies, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Lara Croft’s adventures. And he was enthusiastically welcomed by the critics, who highlighted not only the gameplay but the graphics. And, of course, the story. The action takes place a year after the previous title, and Lara Croft is now dedicated to completing the search initiated by her father for an artifact capable of guaranteeing immortality to anyone who owns it.

As always, Lara Croft has to face a group of malicious people (an organization that goes by the name of Trinity) in scenarios as different as the deserts of Syria and the steppes of Siberia. All of this with additional content like the Blood Ties chapter, with support for PlayStation VR.


«This is an interactive story. Your choices form one of several perspectives. There is no one way with all the answers. » Whoever enters Erica for the first time, a game released less than a year ago, is immediately confronted with this written warning.

It can be played with the smartphone or the touchpad of the dualshock 4, and it is a fully filmed game, so instead of graphical representation of the characters, we watch the performance of real actors.

It is in practice an interactive thriller, which in a plot full of mysteries takes players on a journey in which each choice takes the game (or the film?) In a different direction.

Turning out to be different from games like Detroit: Become Human, it explores the same type of emotion: that of each player having to make their choices and, with them, assume the appropriate consequences.

For this reason, it has good durability, as it allows you to play it again in order to discover other paths.

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