“Absurd to take my right to seek God”, says Andressa Urach


For the third time this week, Andressa Urach again showed dissatisfaction with the determination of authorities of social isolation resulting from the coronavirus. She is unhappy about not being able to go to church and complained about it on social media.

“I’m sorry who says that looking for God at home is the same as looking for God in the church. We are obeying [a ordem de] stay at home, but it is absurd to take away our right to come and go, absurd to take away my right to seek God in the church. Absurd what these governors and mayors are doing with Brazil, they will break Brazil and the people for a change are blind, ”said Andressa, clearly indignant.

In another post, Andressa used a montage with artistic representations like Jesus at Carnival, the performance of Viviany Beleboni – the transsexual who played Christ at the LGBTQIA + Parade some years ago -, the Christmas Special at Portal dos Fundos and others, stating that the population is facing God.

According to her, the coronavirus pandemic “is only a test of the end of time pain principle”. And ended: “May God have mercy on us”.

This Wednesday (3/25), Andressa also took advantage of a publication to say that “people are not going to die of coronavirus”, but from hunger for not being able to work. In addition, in another publication, he complained about churches closed by government orders.

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