Against fake news, Ministry of Health launches coronavirus channel on WhatsApp


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The Ministry of Health launched on Thursday (26/03) a channel in the Whatsapp to answer questions about the new coronavirus. The service is free. The tool has guidance on the disease, treatment and even a service protocol for health center professionals.

How it works – A bot (automated answering robot) will receive questions and provide guidance to the population about the coronavirus. The questions answered include recommendations on how to act in the face of suspicious cases, ways of contamination, prevention, actions by the Ministry and demystification of rumors about the virus.

“Since the beginning of the circulation of the coronavirus in the world, the Ministry of Health has treated information related to the topic with total transparency. This tool will allow the immediate contact of the citizen with the official guidelines and truthful information, directly from the source, avoiding mistakes in a moment of extreme care ”, reinforces the Minister of Health, Luiz Henrique Mandetta.

The bot can be accessed on WhatsApp Web through the link. Using the cell phone, you can use the link or save the number +55 (61) 9938-0031 to the phone book and start a conversation with a “Hi”.

The Brazilian coronavirus information support line is based on the WhatsApp Business API, using Robbu / Positus, one of the main providers of WhatsApp business services in the country, according to Facebook, owner of WhatsApp.

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