Aid to the informal: Maia says that the amount can be increased from R $ 200 to R $ 500 – Jornal CORREIO


                                Government considered raising the amount to R $ 300, but parliamentarian considers value low


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                                        <p class="bodytext">The mayor, Rodrigo Maia, said on Thursday (26) that the amount of monthly aid to be paid to self-employed workers, informal and without fixed income during the crisis generated by the pandemic of the new coronavirus can be increased to R $ 500 .</p>

The value is contained in a bill that should be voted on by the Chamber this Thursday.

Last week, the government proposed an aid plan that provided for the payment of R $ 200 for these workers. On Wednesday (25), the Economic Policy secretary of the Ministry of Economy, Adolfo Sachsida, said that the amount could be increased to R $ 300.

“What we have understood is that the government’s proposal is very small in view of what the Brazilian population needs,” Maia told reporters during an interview in the Chamber.

“What is being built is a value of the order of R $ 500, is what the parliament is working on,” he added.

According to Maia, the financial impact of paying R $ 500 over three months will range from R $ 10 billion to R $ 12 billion.

“Our opinion is that this amount will generate an impact of more than R $ 10 billion, R $ 12 billion. But in relation to what Brazil needs to invest, guaranteeing Brazilian society, it is very little,” he said.


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