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The National Association of Magazine Editors (Aner) and the National Association of Newspapers (ANJ) expressed “indignation and perplexity” regarding the provocation made by President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) to the working journalists, this Thursday morning ( 26), in front of the Palácio da Alvorada, in Brasília.

“All representatives of media outlets, like any other of essential services, would like to be secluded in isolation with their families in this moment of public calamity”, says a note from Aner and ANJ. However, the press is aware that it must, more than ever, continue to work to inform the population ”, emphasize the associations.

“The president’s sad provocation scoffs at all those who put health at risk to provide an essential service to Brazilians”, the statement continues.

“The associations reaffirm that the Brazilian media will continue to cover all the facts relevant to the country, acting in a constructive way so that, together, we defeat the new coronavirus”.

Bolsonaro questioned the presence of the press at the exit of the Palácio da Alvorada due to risks of contamination of the disease. Without approaching the place where journalists were waiting for him, the president said they should be quarantined.

“Press, you are here working. You have to stay at home, put it. Quarantine, put it. Stay quarantined at home,” said Bolsonaro. While the president was speaking, an orderly was filming the professionals.

“Attention, people of Brazil, these people here say that I am wrong because I have to stay at home. Now I ask: what are you doing here? Brazilian press, what are you doing here? Not so afraid of the coronavirus , no. Go home. Everyone without a mask “, Bolsonaro said in the recording, addressing journalists.

Watch it.

According to recommendations from the Ministry of Health, the use of masks should be adopted by those who have symptoms of respiratory syndromes.

Speaking on a national radio and television channel on Tuesday (24), Bolsonaro criticized the severity of the isolation measures that have been recommended or determined in the country to contain the advancement of the new coronavirus. In his speech, the president even recommended that “a few authorities, state and municipal, should abandon the concept of scorched earth”, in measures such as “transport prohibition”, “closing trade” and “mass confinement” . The end of isolation, however, contradicts medical recommendations and goes against what the Ministry of Health itself advocated until yesterday.

Last Sunday, Bolsonaro published a decree that included the press in the list of essential services and prohibited workers in this area from being banned from circulating.

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