Babu evaluates game and says: ‘I didn’t want to go to Rafa now’ | bbb house


The two consider that three votes must be in Babu and three votes must be in Flayslane: “Mari just told me now, ‘I have reason to vote for one person'”, reports Felipe, imagining a tie. Following, the actor raises the possibility that Mari and Flayslane will vote for Rafa. “The only way not to go with you and Flayslane is for the four of us to go to Rafa or choose who we want to go to”, says the paulista.

Felipe changes the subject and says, “Take him and bring him now, do you know who turned him on? Mari” and Babu resumes: “I didn’t want to go to Rafa now, no” and the architect points out that his vote would be in Gabi, if she was not at the Wall.

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