BBB 20: “If Dan leaves I go crazy”, says Ivy about possible elimination of brother



The night of this Tuesday (24) will be elimination in the Big Brother Brazil. And, apparently, a sister will not accept a possible elimination of Daniel. In conversation this morning, Ivy and Flay commented on the discord game. The two are in the hot seat, along with Daniel.

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Ivy said she was unsure and believed Daniel would be. “I don’t create a possibility for Dan to leave. I don’t even create it. Then I think you can go back. I was already unsure, ”said the model.

Minutes later, at breakfast in the shahe, she went back to talking about her relationship with Daniel. “If Dan leaves I go crazy, real. I don’t think anyone votes for him to leave. I do not see. It’ll take me 100% by surprise if he leaves. I think he is the least voted ”, he added.

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