BBB 20 – Leifert tries once again to wake up Marcela and friends: “Play well”


The effort of the “BBB 20” presenter to commend some participants is commendable that they are not as popular with the public as they think. Tiago Leifert has been following warnings about public moods.

He did this on the day of Pyong’s elimination and repeated the warning on the night of Daniel’s farewell. Both were part of the same group, also formed by Marcela, Gizelly, Thelma, Ivy, Rafa and Manu, who consider themselves superior to the other participants.

On Thursday (26), before the start of the leader’s race, Leifert returned to give a very clear message. After warning that the losing pair would go to the wall, he said, in the most didactic way possible, to the eleven participants:

“The worst pair today is on the wall. So play well. Focus. You may not be feeling threatened right now, but you will know what the public is thinking, won’t you? As we’ve seen in the last few weeks. Play well. and don’t be last. ”

The race was really fun, by the way. The awkwardness of the pairs formed by Gabi and Mari and Prior and Babu guaranteed emotion until the end. The two women lost.

Only on Sunday will we know the complete wall. I hope that at least one member of Marcela’s group is on the hot seat. It will be another opportunity for them to reflect on the words of Tiago Leifert.

The B side of the BBB

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