BBB 2020: After losing favoritism, Marcela’s team hires crisis manager


BBB 2020
BBB 2020: Marcela’s family wants to reverse the participant’s situation (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

If before Marcela had the post of “sensible fairy” of the BBB 2020, now that she has lost the charm of the public, the doctor is one of the participants that viewers most want to see outside of reality.

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The loss of sister’s favoritism started when she started to be with Daniel. As the brother lost many shipyards and had a way that people did not like very much, the public began to see Marcela as conniving with the participant’s actions.

Another thing that also displeased the fans of the doctor were some lines and attitudes considered sexist, in addition to the fact that the blonde has distanced herself a little from her friends because of the boy.

To try to get around the situation, which generated a loss of more than 800 thousand followers on Marcela’s Instagram, the sister’s family hired a crisis manager.

According to the column by Leo Dias, from UOL, the professional trained in communication had a conversation with the doctor’s relatives to look for stories lived by Marcela that could create empathy for internet users.

In time, the manager also wants to seek interviews with her sister’s brothers and uses social media to compare the attacks that Marcela receives with the attitudes she has already taken at home. Thus, showing that everyone is subject to error.

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