BBB 2020: Prior unmasks Gizelly and brings up the statement she made in the past


BBB 2020
BBB 2020: Prior unmasks Gizelly and brings up the statement she made in the past (Image: Reproduction / Gshow)

At dawn on Thursday (26), the weather heated up between Felipe Prior and Gizelly Bicalho. In discussion with the capixaba during the party of the leader of the BBB 2020, the architect and urban planner, without delay, accused the opponent of having said that some colleagues in reality did not deserve to win the prize because they were already rich.

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“You said that Rafa was rich, that Pyong didn’t need to win because he is rich, he earns so many millions there”, Prior shot, with blood in his eyes.

“In moral terms, with all due respect, I tell you just one thing: win this award on your merit, not on people’s demerit. Everyone is here because they need it, not because they want it ”he continued.

Faced with the serious accusation, the lawyer defended herself. “I just wanted to say that he doesn’t need the money, neither he, nor Rafa nor Manu. I meant that Pyong would be fine leaving here, that he would not be in need ”he explained.

At another point in the conversation, the paulista advised Gizelly to bear his attitudes: “You said that Pyong would not win this award because he was already rich”.

“You have to pay for what you say. I’m sleeping but one eye sleeps and the other is lit ”, added Felipe Prior.


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