BBB20: Flay taunt to Gizelly turns meme on the web


The fight between Flayslane and Gizelly is not today! The sisters no longer peck since the first weeks of reality show, always talking badly about each other.

Everything got even worse when the lawyer ended up kissing Felipe Prior, with whom the singer had already said she would like to stay, and when the other put drink in her mouth and spat on her sister, causing the biggest confusion between the two.

Throughout the program, the relationship between Gizelly and Flayslane only got worse and the atmosphere always weighs between the two. They have already declared themselves rivals in the game and never tire of poking each other.

At the last party, at dawn on Thursday (26), the singer still decided to provoke more and, almost, does not add fuel to this fire.

That’s because she passed behind Gizelly while she was dancing and threw her drink on the floor next to her. If I caught the lawyer, surely the bullshit would happen.

See the moment:

Gizelly did not notice the movement, but the web did not miss the chance to hope for a fight to break out between them. On Twitter, Internet users soon reproduced the moment and filled the social network with memes about the two.

The public wants fire in the playground and can’t wait for the two of them to really fall for it. Will it happen?

Check out the reaction of the crowd:

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