Because of the coronavirus, Canada TV ends ‘Big Brother’ before the end – Fefito


The coronavirus pandemic has affected the programming of TV stations abroad as well. This Tuesday, the Global TV announced that it ended the exhibition of “Big Brother Canada”.

According to the direction of the channel, there is no intention to resume the game where it left off. The production will try to solve everything over two episodes, already recorded. The reality show has already sent all participants home so that they can carry out isolation at the behest of the government.

There, the confinement lasted 25 days. Before the house was emptied, the attraction experienced turbulence. There were two withdrawals and two expulsions. Until then, only one participant had been eliminated through voting.

The decision was made because the program’s backstage team will also need to comply with quarantine at the behest of the government. In the past two days, the number of deaths in the country from the coronavirus has increased by 50%.

At the Brazil, for now, there is no guidance for the “BBB 20” finish early. The reality show of Globe redoubled the care of those confined and has already notified them about the pandemic. The final is scheduled for April 23.

Currently, Germany and Italy still have editions of “Big Brother” up in the air.

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