BOLA – Madeira will buy 100,000 tests from the United States (COVID-19)


Madeira will buy 100,000 tests for the new Coronavirus from a laboratory in the United States.

«An investment of two million euros», announced this Thursday, the president of the Regional Government of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, on the day that another positive case from Covid-19 was confirmed.

The archipelago, in the late afternoon of Thursday, the vice-president of the Institute of Health Administration of Madeira (IASAÚDE), Bruna Gouveia, «now has 21 people infected with the new Coronavirus.

Funchal reduced to 120 the maximum number of passengers that can reach the archipelago each week.

The number, explained Albuquerque, will allow health authorities to monitor everyone who arrives, ensuring space for mandatory quarantine at the hotel unit requested by the Madeiran government.


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