Bolsonaro contradicted health agencies and distorted the scenario about coronavirus, says Folha


Jair Bolsonaro and Folha de S.Paulo. (Photo: Marcos Corrêa / PR | Webysther Nunes)

From Felipe Bächtold at Folha de S.Paulo, commenting on Jair Bolsonaro’s speech.

Speaking on television on Tuesday (24), President Jair Bolsonaro criticized the closure of schools and commerce, contradicted guidelines from health agencies and attacked governors.

The statements immediately provoked repudiation by congressmen and opponents.

In his speech, Bolsonaro questioned procedures that have been adopted all over the world, such as closing schools, and minimized risks of the disease, such as by suggesting that control measures be restricted only to older people, in addition to contradicting health agencies and distort the pandemic scenario.


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Pedro Zambarda de Araujo

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