Bolsonaro government launches “vertical isolation” campaign on coronavirus – 03/26/2020


(Reuters) – President Jair Bolsonaro’s government launched a campaign to combat the advancement of the new coronavirus in an official account of a social network in which it advocates the practice of “vertical isolation”, which would only cover people who are in the group of at risk, as the elderly and people with chronic diseases, then, with care, the country “return to normality”.

This conduct began to be defended in recent days personally by Bolsonaro, although it has not yet been officially adopted as a protocol of action by the Ministry of Health, responsible for the government’s global public policy, in relation to this disease.

The president said he asked Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta on Tuesday to review the adoption of vertical isolation. Subsequently, the holder of Health admitted that the measure was under analysis by the portfolio he commands.

Bolsonaro has criticized governors and mayors who have adopted more drastic measures of social isolation such as quarantine to prevent the rapid spread of the virus. He has said that it would be best to isolate risk groups and that the economy cannot stop because of the disease because the social cost – unemployment and violence – can be even greater.

The post was posted on Wednesday on Instagram @governodobrasil, with the motto # oBRasilNoPodeParar. She counted at 8:55 pm on Thursday with more than 5,300 likes from Internet users. The publication has an image saying # oBRasilNoPodeParar and the seal of Secom (Secretariat of Social Communication) of the Presidency.

“Worldwide, there are rare cases of fatal victims of the # coronavirus among young people and adults. Almost all deaths occurred with the elderly. Therefore, it is necessary to protect these people and all members of risk groups, with great care. , affection and respect “, says the text.

“For these, isolation. For everyone else, distance, extra attention and a lot of responsibility. We will, with care and awareness, return to normality. # OBrasil NãoPodeParar”, he added.

The report sought the press office of the Ministry of Health and the Secretariat of Social Communication of the Presidency of the Republic for a comment on the campaign, but not comments immediately.

(Reporting by Ricardo Brito and Lisandra Paraguassu)

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