“Bolsonaro is a threat to public health”


Estadão, in an editorial, says that Jair Bolsonaro is “a threat to public health”.

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“Bolsonaro, under the argument that it is necessary to reactivate the economy, urged citizens to break the quarantine and return to ‘normality’ – contrary to the recommendations of experts from all over the world and the Ministry of Health itself. The president himself became a threat to public health. Incredibly, Brazilians, for the good of the country, must totally disregard what the head of state said. How far we’ve come.

Read too: Leandro Narloch: ‘Eduardo Bolsonaro is right.’

But the threat posed by Bolsonaro’s raptures goes far beyond the issue of public health. The president seems to crave the confrontation – with state governors, with Congress, with the press and even with members of his own government – in order to create a favorable climate for authoritarian solutions. ”

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