Bolsonaro says coronavirus will not pass in lotteries “because the glass is armored” – Conversa Afiada


Jair Bolsonaro said on Thursday 26 / III that there is no risk of transmission of the new coronavirus inside lottery houses because the glass that separates employees from the public is “armored”.

A decree published on Thursday classified the lottery houses as “essential activities” in order to prevent them from being closed by governors and mayors.

“Believe me, 2,463 lottery houses, 2,500 lottery houses, were closed. By decrees of some governors or mayors. I am not criticizing governor or mayor. Now, for the love of God, close lottery house? For the love of God, close lottery house. ..Inclusive, the guy who works in the lottery has an armored glass. The virus will not pass there. The glass is armored, it will not pass, he works on this side “, said Bolsonaro, during live broadcast on social networks.

“Imagine if everyone went to Caixa’s agency, there would be a huge gathering of people, exactly against what we preach, to avoid the gathering”, he added.


Here is the “president”, ladies and gentlemen:

– Sharp Talk (@ConversaAfiada) March 26, 2020

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