Brazil breaks record of deaths and infections in a single day


With 77 deaths and 2,915 confirmed cases, Brazil hits peak deaths and infections in 24 hours. Figures were released in the late afternoon by the Ministry of Health, but there are reports of underreporting. In São Paulo, number of critically ill patients admitted to the ICU rises 42% in a single day

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Henrique Mandetta, Minister of Health

This Thursday, March 26, Brazil has 77 deaths and 2,915 confirmed cases of the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus. The figures are from the balance sheet of the Ministry of Health, which compile the data passed on by the state departments until 17:30.

Today’s figures represent the highest peak of deaths and infections in just one day in the country. Yesterday, the ministry indicated 57 victims and 2,433 cases – 482 less than diagnosed with the disease.

The number of infected people across the world broke the barrier of half a million this afternoon, according to data updated in real time by Johns Hopkins University in the United States.

There are 22,993 fatal victims of covid-19 among 510,108 patients, with an overall fatality rate of 4.5%. The rates are between 3 and 20 times higher than the mortality rate for common flu (0.13%) and H1N1 flu (0.2%).

The number of cases confirmed in Brazil in the last 24 hours by the government breaks a positive sequence in Brazil, which had been reducing new diagnoses during the week.

Speaking to the whole of Brazil last Tuesday (24), President Jair Bolsonaro minimized the coronavirus and ordered the population to “return to normality”, in a measure that prioritizes reducing the effects of the pandemic on the economy. The Brazilian president’s statement contradicts the medical recommendations of the competent international bodies.

The Brazilian states that account for deaths due to the coronavirus are: Amazonas (1), Ceará (3), Pernambuco (3), Rio de Janeiro (9), São Paulo (58), Goiás (1), Santa Catarina (1) and Rio Grande do Sul (1).

Serious cases in São Paulo

The State Secretary of Health, José Henrique Germann, said on the afternoon of Thursday (26) that the cases of critically ill patients admitted to Intensive Care Units (ICU) after being infected by Covid-19 increased 42% in 24 hours in the state from Sao Paulo.

“There are now 84 critically ill patients in the ICU. On this last day, there was an increase of 42%. This is more or less characteristic of the epidemic, it has days of more increase and days of less increase ”, he pointed out.

“According to him, this growth in deaths and critically ill patients is characteristic of an epidemic. “We were practically 90% of the cases in Brazil and now we are 30% of the cases in Brazil. Which means that the epidemic is expanding rapidly, ”he added.


Complaints of underreporting are growing throughout Brazil, with cases of deaths characteristic of coronaviruses that do not enter the statistics and do not even present a conclusive diagnosis about the cause of death. Just this Thursday, the Political pragmatism received dozens of these reports through its communication channels (e-mail and social networks).

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