Caixa announces further reduction in overdraft interest rate


(photo: Breno Fortes / CB / D.A Press)
(photo: Breno Fortes / CB / D.A Press)

The president of Caixa Econômica Federal, Pedro Guimares, announced, this Thursday (26/03), a new reduction in the interest rate of the overdraft and the installment of the credit card. It was the second reduction in rates in seven days, due to the crisis generated by the pandemic of the new coronavirus. The previous one was on the last 19th.

According to Guimares, the rate of Caixa’s overdraft increased from 4.9% to 2.9% per month. “A record rate in terms of being lower – 41% reduction in relation to the rate that was already the lowest in the market,” he said, during President Jair Bolsonaro’s live on a social network.

Guimares also announced the reduction, to 2.9%, of the interest rate charged on the installment of the credit card. “This installment is the one you enter in 36 months. It was still high, at 7.7% per month. And we have reduced more than 60%. It also went to 2.9% ”, he said.

Caixa’s president also announced an increase, from 60 to 90 days, in the pause period for loan agreements for individuals and companies, including housing.

He said that, so far, 750 thousand customers have already requested the postponement of the payment of the installments of the home itself. He added that this period could be extended again, if necessary.

“I talked to Paulo Guedes [ministro da Economia]. If necessary, we will expand it to 120 days, 150 days ”, said Guimares.

In a press release, Caixa announced that it will reinforce with R $ 33 billion the fight against the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. “The new resources will be made available for working capital, purchase of portfolios, credit for holy houses, in addition to agricultural credit,” said the institution.

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