Chico Anysio’s widow reveals Silvio Santos’ millionaire proposal


Chicho Anysio
Chicho Anysio left several works of his own (Image: Disclosure)

8 years after the death of Chico Anysio, Malga Di Paula, who has been married to the comedian for 14 years, spoke a little in an interview with the YouTube channel of Antônia Fontenelle about the will left by her husband that has caused so much news. Still in the conversation, she said that Silvio Santos wanted to buy the work of the late artist.

According to Malga, the owner of SBT offered R $ 70 million for the humorist’s work. “It is true. I didn’t sell it because it wasn’t mine. Since Chico died I haven’t been able to talk to all the kids anymore ”started.

Chico kept all his work digitized, but he was afraid of these digitized things, so he printed many things. He had dozens and dozens of printed notebooks, with scripts, TV shows, everything. That took up a lot of space in the apartment“, Said the widow.

Regarding Lug Di Paula, who was left out of Chico’s will, Malga revealed that the relationship between father and son has always been problematic. “Two things that went wrong already when Chico was alive. First, that he did not listen to the advice of friends and mine, to change lawyers“, said.

Nobody trusted this lawyer. Second, Chico chose this lawyer to be his executor. This gentleman made a will which is absurd. A law student in the first semester would do something better. […] To start, he left a son out of the game, Lug“, He completed.

He didn’t even go to the wake. The brothers were very upset about this. […] Despite this complicated relationship, Chico loved Lug. He thought Lug was the most talented son he had“, remembered.

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