Children make photo of Giovanna Ewbank showing pregnant belly and delight


The digital influencer Giovanna Ewbank shared a beautiful photo where she appears sporting her beautiful pregnant belly. Radiant with her first pregnancy, the famous one appears next to her husband, the actor Bruno Gagliasso.

The couple are already proud parents of two beautiful children they adopted, little Titi Gagliasso, six, and Bless, five who arrived to join the family in the middle of last year. Children are the biggest hit on social media and leave internet users delighted whenever they appear on their parents’ social media.

However, an unusual detail drew attention, the person who registered the image. The blonde revealed that it was one of the puppies that took the photograph, but did not say which one. When sharing on her profile on the social network, Giovanna wrote in the caption: “When the children start taking pictures of their parents! Quarantine! Stay home! Love!”.

Several Internet users left comments in the post and made a point of highlighting how much the belly has developed. The influencer is pregnant for the first time and is expecting a baby boy. “Now it stretched a lot! You look beautiful!”, stressed a follower. An internet user said: “Wow, big belly! Passing fast! ”.

Famous people also made a point of commenting on the post. Dany Bananinha, who is also pregnant, made a comment: “Beautiful”. Gretchen, who became a grandmother again recently said: “Oh people. What a beautiful mother in this world. And what a drooling father! ”.

The famous revealed the pregnancy at the end of last year. She said at the time that she was surprised when she discovered her first pregnancy. The announcement to fans was made in a super cute way through the famous dads’ social networks. They took a beautiful family photo and shared it with the statement.

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