Coronavirus can bring down WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram


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Coronavirus can bring down WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram

Despite the fact that social networks go through a whole process of improvement, this increase in access happened from one day to the next, damaging social networks.

Coronavirus can make more victims, but this time it will be the WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram apps that can go offline.

All because, according to a statement from the companies, with quarantine in several countries that use the three applications the most, there was a 50% increase in the number of accesses.

Another growth is with the number of video calls on WhatsApp, Messenger, because as families cannot be together, this is the way found to maintain communication.

In Italy alone, there was a growth of 1,000% during the last month in the use of applications.

Therefore, an overload on the system can occur, making it difficult for users to access it.

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Despite the growth in access, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram lost money

Coronavirus can take down WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram – Photo: Pixabay

But, going against the grain of what many people might think, social networking apps have not seen revenue growth.

The main problem is that most of the peak access is in tools that do not generate money for the company.

In addition, ad revenue has declined, especially in countries that have adopted more aggressive measures to stem the spread of the virus.

Despite the fact that social networks go through an entire improvement process, Facebook, which owns all other brands, said that this increase in access happened overnight.

Thus, as it was difficult to create new alternatives for the large number of people on the platforms, it is quite possible that an overload will occur.

In other words, the company says that the growth in the use of its applications caused by the coronavirus is unprecedented and that it has been increasing every day.

In addition, Facebook is also having to work with reduced staff.

That’s because a large part of its 45,000 employees are working at home, precisely because of the coronavirus and quarantine period that the US, the company’s headquarters, is going through.

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