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O Ministry of Health updated its numbers on Tuesday afternoon, stating that Brazil registers 2,201 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus and that have already been registered 46 deaths – that of Amazonas, released at the end of the night, has not yet been counted.

This Wednesday morning (25), the city of Porto Alegre confirmed the first death by Covid-19 in Rio Grande do Sul. The patient was a 91-year-old woman who was in the ICU. The case has not yet been entered in the balance sheet of the State Health Department.

Check the balance of the health departments:

Confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in Brazil

state Health Secretariats Ministry of Health
B.C 21 17
AL 10 9
AP 1 1
AM 47 47
BA 79 76
CE 185 182
DF 177 160
ES 40 33
GO 29 27
BAD 8 8
MT 7 7
MS 24 23
MG 130 130
PAN 5 5
PB 3 3
PR 70 65
PE 42 42
PI 8 6
RJ 305 305
RN 14 13
LOL 112 98
RO 5 3
RR 8 2
SC 109 107
SP 810 810
SE 15 15
TO 7 7
Total 2271 2201

Below, see the evolution in the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Brazil over the days.

Coronavirus cases in Brazil

1st case confirmed on February 26, and 1st dead on March 17; both were from the state of SP

Source: Ministry of Health until March 15; state health secretariats from March 16.

Bolsonaro opposes experts and calls for an end to “mass confinement”

Contrary to everything that experts and health authorities in the country and around the world have been preaching as a way to prevent the new coronavirus from spreading, President Jair Bolsonaro criticized the request for all those who can stay at home in a speech this Tuesday evening. fair (24), on national television.

Bolsonaro asks on TV 'return to normal' and end of 'mass confinement'

Bolsonaro asks on TV ‘return to normal’ and end of ‘mass confinement’

Bolsonaro blamed the media for spreading, according to him, a sense of “dread”. And he said that if he catches the virus, he will get no more than a “little cold”.

Senate President Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP) released a note in which he classified Bolsonaro’s speech as “serious” and said the country needs “serious leadership”.

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), said that the statement “was wrong when attacking the press, governors and specialists in public health”.

When consulted, the Ministry of Health said it would not take a position on the president’s statement.

See tips for maintaining mental health in the coronavirus quarantine

See tips for maintaining mental health in the coronavirus quarantine

The United States announced early Wednesday (25) a $ 2 trillion federal agreement to alleviate the consequences of the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus pandemic on the country’s economy. The stimulus package should help workers, companies and the health system.

In the UK, palace officials report that Prince Charles’s Covid-19 test was positive. He has mild symptoms, according to a statement.

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