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The closure of international borders as a measure to combat the new coronavirus pandemic and the cancellation of airline flights have left many Brazilians stranded abroad unable to return home. While many suffer to find commercial flights, a portion resorted to air taxi charters to expedite their return home.

The demand for private aircraft for international flights grew by 69% only in the Flapper application. In the air taxi company Icon Aviation, this rate reached 15%.

“This demand is not from Brazilians who want to go abroad. They are flights to search for Brazilians who need to return to Brazil and who respect all airport and border rules of each country,” said Icon.

According to the CEO of Flapper, Paul Malicki, the increase in demand started from the second week of this month, when several countries started to adopt the closing of borders. “Aeromedical flights and Brazilian tourists and businesspeople returning from Europe, the United States and Peru account for more than half of all international orders,” he said.

Flapper says that the routes from Cusco (Peru) to São Paulo and from Lima (Peru) to São Paulo were the most popular in this period. Unable to hire an air taxi, hundreds of Brazilians faced serious difficulties in getting back to the country. Reporter Luciana Sarmento took nine days to get back from Peru to Brazil and told her saga in a series of reports on UOL.

According to Flapper, the profile of customers varies frompayments to travel agencies and passengers with high purchasing power.

Flights up to R $ 4 million

The price of flights varies according to the model of the airplane used and the route distance. Flapper works with several airplane models, ranging from small business jets, such as the Embraer Phenom 100, to large commercial planes configured for VIP transport, such as a Boeing 787.

A trip from Montevideo to São Paulo, with 1,500 kilometers, in a Phenom 100 for up to four passengers costs about R $ 100 thousand. The Flapper CEO stated that the most expensive route was taken to seek Brazilians in China, with the value of R $ 4 million.

Only at Flapper, the sum of executive flights for this period reaches R $ 62.6 million.

Domestic flights are expected to grow in the coming months

The demand for international air taxi flights is expected to drop in the coming weeks, when Brazilians abroad are able to return home. However, companies in the sector are expecting an increase in demand for domestic flights.

The airlines Gol, Latam and Azul have drastically reduced the offer of flights. In addition, many executives are afraid to travel on commercial planes for fear of contagion with the new coronavirus.

There are also those who want to make their home office away from the big cities. “We have already received requests from people who want to escape the virus in quieter places, such as Porto Seguro (BA) or on their own farm,” said Malicki.

Contagion risk in business jet is lower, companies say

Flapper says that the chances of a passenger contracting the virus flying in business jets are much lower than those traveling on commercial planes. “If there are up to 600 points of contact exposing passengers to the risk of contagion on a single commercial flight, there are only 20 such interactions when flying privately,” he said.

Icon Aviation stated that it follows all the guidelines and recommendations of WHO (World Health Organization), the Ministry of Health and the government of the state of São Paulo. The company says extra hygiene measures have been taken to combat the spread of the Coronavirus.

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