Coronavirus does not pass in lotteries because ‘glass is armored’, says Bolsonaro


In his live today, Jair Bolsonaro stated that there is no risk of transmission of the new coronavirus inside lottery houses because the glass that separates employees from the public is “armored”.

The president defended his decree published today that classified the operation of lotteries as an essential activity, to prevent the closure of them by governors and mayors.

“I am not criticizing the governor or the mayor. Now, for God’s sake, close the lottery house? ”, Said Bolsonaro. “Even the guy who works at the lottery has an armored glass. The virus will not pass there. The glass is armored, it will not pass, it works on this side. ”

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The president also affirmed that, with the lotteries closed, there would be more people paying bills at bank branches, causing agglomerations – advised against in a scenario of dissemination of the coronavirus.

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