Coronavirus measures hinder wheat flour deliveries, says association | Agribusiness


The lack of coordination between federal, state and municipal actions to combat coronavirus has hindered the supply of wheat flour in some regions of Brazil, creating bottlenecks for the transportation of goods, said the Brazilian Wheat Industry Association (Abitrigo) on Thursday. fair (26).

Wheat flour is an essential input for the manufacture of breads, cookies and non-perishable products, such as pasta.

“In some states, 30 to 35% of the flours are not being delivered,” said Abitrigo in a note, in which he criticized the closure of state borders and the closure of road services, such as tire shops and restaurants.

The association has received reports that these barriers occur in Rio Grande do Sul and in states in the Northeast, such as Ceará, Abitrigo’s chief executive, ambassador Rubens Barbosa, told Reuters.

“The closure of state borders and road services, such as tire stores and restaurants, causes part of the truck drivers to refuse to work in these conditions,” he explained.

In São Paulo, a region that concentrates a significant portion of the mills in Brazil, logistics continues normally, the association said.

Abitrigo will expose this scenario to the Ministry of Infrastructure on Friday (27), during a meeting of the portfolio with other representatives of agribusiness, said Barbosa.

According to the ambassador, the soy chain will also be represented at the meeting, by the Brazilian Association of Vegetable Oil Industries (Abiove).

For Abitrigo, the action of the Ministry of Infrastructure with municipal authorities is important, through actions by the Federal Highway Police and the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT), with the objective of identifying and reversing decisions by mayors that hinder the flow of goods and the work of transporters.

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