Coronavirus: more than 1,300 BH traders were caught with open doors, says Guarda Municipal | Minas Gerais


According to the Municipal Guard, no one was fined because, after the approach, everyone complied with the corporation’s guidelines.

The decree prohibits the operation of concert halls, nightclubs, dance clubs, dance halls, fairs, exhibitions, congresses, seminars, shopping centers, trade centers and store galleries, cinemas, theaters, clubs, gyms, beauty clinics, salons beauty, amusement parks, theme parks, bars, restaurants and snack bars.

The flagrant happened after patrols and also through denunciations through the channels of the city hall, the telephone number 156 and the Talk to the Ombudsman.

In some of the cases, the establishments had to adapt in terms of restrictions on employees and respect for minimum distances, to avoid crowds.

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