Coronavirus: Suspension of services makes pastor ask for tithe over the internet



Pastor Romildo Ribeiro Soares, better known as R. R. Soares, asked the faithful to make bank transfers to the churches, since with the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the services cannot be held in person. The request was made during a service broadcast live on TV and social media.

“I would now like to give our accounts to the brothers, because if I were in the churches, you would make your offerings, hand over your tithes, but I am not and cannot because it is prohibited there. It is not prohibited, it is advised not to leave the house. So what do I have to do? You can transfer it over the internet to our accounts, ”says the pastor to loyal viewers.

“What bank do you have an account with? Bradesco? Itaú? Banco do Brasil? ”, Continues in the video, before passing on the account number of the church in these three banking institutions.
In the sequence, he says “if you don’t know how to transfer, a person can still do it for you through the computer. ‘Ah, but I don’t have an account, when I receive it, I take it out and deliver it in cash’. But ask that person to do it on his account and you give him the money, because he can’t go out on the street ”, he adds.

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The International Grace Church (IIGD) was created in 1980 by Soares and has more than 1 million faithful, present in 192 countries and with 5,000 temples spread across the country and the world. On the website of the International Church of the Grace of God, a message with a step by step on how to make donations opens as soon as the person accesses the home page.

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