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The tests to detect the new coronavirus are being carried out in Belo Horizonte in at least one laboratory. Until then suspended throughout the state, examinations were only available to hospitals.

The lab So Marcos informed that the agenda was reopened last Monday in three units (check below) and at home. The exam costs R $ 350 and can be paid up to six times with no interest on the credit card and no medical order required. If the exam is performed due to insurance coverage, it is necessary to present the medical request (or scanned copy). The laboratory pointed out that it is prioritizing the most serious cases and, due to the high demand, there may be a queue.

J the network
Hermes Pardini predicts more kits to arrive by this Friday, with the expectation of returning home collection only next week. The cost, for now, is R $ 250. The diagnosis will be out in two days, according to information from the network’s answering service. The test is not done in the units to prevent new contamination, according to the laboratory.

At the Oswaldo Cruz and Souza Lima, exams remain suspended. The unit reported that it will contact the patients who have scheduled the exam as soon as the situation normalizes.

Laboratorio So Marcos

Active exams

»Amount: R $ 350 in up to 6 interest-free installments

»Method: Collection of secretion from airways

»Diagnosis: 5 days

»Schedule: (31) 2104-0100 and WhatsApp service: (31) 98116-4110
Service units: from 11 s to 17h
Palmares: Avenida Jos Cleto, 183

Prudente de Morais: Avenida Prudente de Morais, 585

Savassi: Rua Fernandes Tourinho, 457

Hermes Pardini Laboratories

Exams currently suspended

»Price: R $ 250

»Method: Collection of secretion from airways

»Diagnosis: 2 days

»Scheduling: (31) 3228-6200 (option 2, then 2) or by message on WhatsApp, or pre-scheduling on the website

Laboratories Oswaldo Cruz e Souza Lima

Exams currently suspended

»Price: R $ 290

»Method: Collection of secretion from airways

»Diagnosis: 4 days

»Schedule: (31) 3271-5005

Numbers in Minas Gerais

According to the balance released by the Minas Gerais State Secretariat (SES / MG) this Thursday, there are already 153 confirmed cases of coronaviruses in the state, 17,409 under investigation. There is no record of deaths.

In relation to the last balance, the increase in infections is 15%. That Wednesday (25), 133 were contaminated, against the 153 counted today. The jump in the total number of investigated cases is notable: 22% compared to the previous report, which accounted for 14,227 suspicions.

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