Coronavirus: “We chose who would be hospitalized because of our son” – 03/26/2020


Adelaide Ruvenal, 44, and her husband Osvaldo, 46, were suspected of having coronavirus and went to the hospital to treat the disease earlier in the week. However, because of the 11-year-old son, the two could not be hospitalized, which was the doctors’ guidance. They opted for Osvaldo to stay, as he is part of the risk group. Below, she tells her story.

“My husband and I started experiencing symptoms on Thursday last week [dia 19 de março]. I’m a housewife, I wasn’t leaving, but he only started having to stay home on Thursday. At first, we thought it was the flu, but the fever only got worse and then we got really short of breath. As we were on the edge, we decided to go to the hospital and get tested.

The doctors alerted us and said that everything indicated that it was covid-19 and, since we already had 39ºC of fever and great difficulty in breathing, it was best to stay in the hospital. However, we have a small son. That was when we decided who was going to be hospitalized and we chose to stay with my husband, who is hypertensive and diabetic.

It was not an easy decision, but I thought about my son and how he would be at home. I have no one to leave him with, since my husband no longer has his parents, my parents are elderly and my brother is being treated for cancer.

As I could not and did not accept to be hospitalized, I had to sign a term of refusal to treat covid-19 and come home. I did all the exams, so did my husband and he was hospitalized.

I received the result and it was positive

On Monday (23), the result came out and the doctor called me confirming that it was positive, both mine and my husband’s. I was even more apprehensive, but since I left the hospital, he gave me medicine and prescribed inhalation.

I continue taking antibiotics and inhaling five times a day. The fever comes and goes and it is very difficult to breathe. Sometimes it is difficult to even speak and I always try to rest. At night is the worst time of the day, I always try to take inhalation, but the discomfort is very great.

I’m taking proper care, but what comforts me is being close to my son. Doctors recommended total isolation.

As my son is a child, it is likely that he has the disease, but he only has mild symptoms, similar to one of the same cold. He goes well and in isolation with me.

My husband is still in the ICU

The day after my husband was admitted, he went to the ICU because he had a hard time breathing. Yesterday morning (25), he improved and went to his room.

However, when it was at night, the hospital informed me that he is going back to the ICU, because the shortness of breath is strong and he feels very weak. I follow the treatment at home. I believe that all this will pass and I am confident. ”

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