Coronavrus: America, Atltico and Cruzeiro decide to give players a 20-day vacation


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Meeting of the National Club Commission (CNC) held by videoconference, this Thursday afternoon, decided that clubs of the Series A and B of Brazilian championship, among them America, Atlantic and cruise, will give their players a 20-day collective vacation and technical commission from April 1st.

The term can be extended by another 10 days depending on decisions about the Brazilian football calendar, totally paralyzed due to the coronavirus pandemic. CNC’s new meeting is scheduled for April 15th. In official note, the National Club Commission detailed the counter-proposal to the players’ representatives on the labor issue in the period of paralysis of football. Among the deliberations are 20-day collective vacation concession for athletes, between April 1 and April 20, and the warranty period of 10 days left at the end of this year or early 2021depending on the calendar.

Furthermore, the clubs intend to negotiate individually with their athletes and other employees of the football department with respect to other measures that may be adopted in the period of stoppage. The note ended with the position of the associations to promote meetings in the next 20 days to implement emergency measures, if necessary. And still await the position of the federal and state governments on the state of public calamity, to assess possible reductions in pay that can be established.

On that Wednesday, the Federao Mineira de Futebol (FMF) had already announced that the State will remain paralyzed until, at least, the 30th of April. It is worth remembering that the national competitions were initially scheduled to start on the first weekend of the month of May, which is unlikely to happen.

In a note released before the meeting, clubs in Series B pledged “do not measure efforts”For payment on time of the players’ salaries for the month of March. It is worth remembering that the Mineiro Championship has been paralyzed since the 15th day. COVID-19, America, Atltico and Cruzeiro also closed their CTs and released the athletes days later.

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