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The pandemic of coronavirus around the world it is overloading hospitals, which run out of beds, equipment and doctors to take care of all the people who arrive showing symptoms.

In several countries, such as Italy, priority is to attend urgent cases, but without starting to treat mild cases early on, the disease quickly deteriorates the patient.

In Italy, the authorities said that the hospitals are collapsing, which means that the resources, beds and professionals available can no longer account for the number of infected.

The UK has already described the flow of patients in its hospitals as a “continuous tsunami”. The center of the pandemic in the USA, New York deals with a lack of beds and respirators, as well as long lines of people looking for tests.

To help in times of crisis, field hospitals are set up in stadiums, parking lots and convention centers. There, military doctors have equipment, beds and a team prepared to deal with non-urgent cases.

So far, France, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Serbia, Brazil, the United States, Spain, Pakistan and Colombia have set up or are setting up field hospitals to help alleviate overburdened hospitals.

First time since the war

Field hospitals in Europe are run by military doctors. In France, this type of facility has not been used since World War II, when wounded soldiers were treated.

One of the French hospitals has space for 30 patients, which started operating on Tuesday (24) and has already received the first patient.

China also had temporary hospitals during the height of the disease and managed to raise a hospital in Wuhan, the epicenter of the disease, in just 10 days.

Hospitals and service stations are set up where possible and where logistics allow during times of crisis. In Spain, up to one ice skating rink was used as a morgue for the lack of space elsewhere.

In Sao Paulo, the Pacaembu stadium and Anhembi will be used to set up field hospitals and care for the population that is showing symptoms of the disease and is not in a serious case.

The United States, which may become the new epicenter of the disease since cases are skyrocketing, he set up a field hospital on a football field in Washington. Until now, New York is the state with the highest number of cases and deaths and can running out of equipment soon.

Despite the country’s progress and a pessimistic scenario ahead, the Florida governor was reluctant to determine quarantine in the state, which forces citizens to stay at home, only go out to perform tasks of extreme necessity and determines the closure of all non-essential establishments.

According to CNN, President Donald Trump said he wants to see the country return to normal in April and that the economy will return to normal for Easter. The prediction of the American president goes against the thinking and the scenario in Europe, where the Italian government said the quarantine could extend longer.

The pandemic in numbers

The coronavirus pandemic worldwide has left more than 470,000 infected and more than 21,000 dead. Italy leads in the number of fatalities, with more than 6 thousand deaths, followed by Spain, which on Wednesday (25) reached 3,434 dead, surpassing China, with more than 3,200 dead

The main symptoms of coronavirus are high fever, dry and constant cough, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. Other flu symptoms, such as muscle pain, runny nose, headache or nausea, may appear at the beginning.

So far, at least 109,000 people worldwide have recovered from the coronavirus, but there are cases of reinfection.

The main measures recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to prevent the virus are to stay at home, to leave only if very necessary, to keep at least one meter away from people when you are on the street, to cough and sneeze in the elbow and to wash hands frequently.

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