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Covid-19. The minute situation of the new coronavirus in the country and in the world


Here we follow all developments about the spread of the new coronavirus on an international scale.

More updates

7:43 am – Arrested

The number of people detained for disobedience to the rules imposed by the state of emergency increased to 39.

In a statement, the Ministry of Internal Affairs also informed that 649 establishments were closed for non-compliance.

At issue is the crime of disobedience in relation to mandatory confinement and other situations of disobedience or resistance.

The Ministry of Home Affairs reiterates the call to all citizens to comply with what is planned to contain the spread of the new coronavirus.

7:30 am – State of play

Portugal entered the mitigation phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. It is the third and highest planned by the Directorate-General for Health.

There are three districts on orange alert decreed by the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority: Lisbon, Porto and Braga.

The mitigation phase means that community transmission already exists and involves the entire health system: public and private

The action of health authorities is now based on reducing the spread of the new coronavirus in order to decrease the number of fatalities.

In details

In this new phase, health centers and private hospitals are also at the forefront of combating the pandemic.

Most foreigners have already been repatriated
who were on the cruise ship docked in Lisbon. Yesterday took place
flights to Germany and Italy. In the evening there was an air connection to

From now on, all groupings of health centers in the country must create at least one restricted area for suspects and patients Covid-19. There may even be health centers exclusive to these cases.

Private hospitals now support the National Health Service and also receive patients with Covid-19.

This support from the private sector means another 450 beds in intensive care and 250 fans.

Most patients are also expected to recover at home and only the most critical – about five percent – will be admitted.

In the mitigation phase, screening tests are planned for all suspected cases of infection, according to priorities.

First of all are patients with criteria for hospitalization. Newborns and pregnant women follow, and thirdly, health professionals with symptoms. Next on the list are people with less immunity and in a more vulnerable situation.

In the case of homes, there will be private laboratories to carry out the tests, as close as possible to the institution.
The latest numbers

The most recent data from the Directorate-General for Health for Wednesday reported 43 deaths from infection with the new coronavirus – 10 more than the previous day.

There are also 633 more cases of infection, for a total of 2995. It is a 21 percent increase.

Two hundred and seventy-six infected are hospitalized – 61 in intensive care units.

The European continent, with about 240 thousand infected, is the one where these days, the most expressive number of cases appears.

Italy is the country in the world with the most fatalities: 7503 killed in 74,386 cases recorded so far.
The situation in homes

Two elderly people from the senior residence O Amanhã da Criança, in Maia, died infected. Another three users had to be hospitalized, as they had acute symptoms.

Homes now have a place nearby to collect or deliver analyzes, whether private or from the National Health Service.In that residence, nine elderly people remain in isolation; another 26 await test results.

There are also ten infected employees and 20 elderly people who have not yet taken the exams.

In Albergaria-a-Velha, Aveiro district, 25 elderly people and six employees are living indoors. An 89-year-old woman who was hospitalized has died.

There are at least three more infected: two elderly and an employee.

The home is closed as directed by the health authorities.

An elderly woman who was infected in a home in Resende ended up dying. The 94-year-old woman was admitted to the continuing care unit at Santa Casa de Misericórdia.

The Secretary of State for Health says that nursing homes are a major concern and stressed the importance of contingency plans. António Lacerda Sales said that specific responses are being articulated for these institutions.

Hundreds of Portuguese who wanted to return to Portugal because of the pandemic landed on Thursday in Lisbon. Many had to wait several days to get the trip.

There are reports of people who, even with a ticket, were unable to board.

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