Cristina Ferreira assumes fear: I was at home for myself. My heart is in pain – boiling


Cristina Ferreira reacted this Wednesday, March 25, during the broadcast of the ‘Programa da Cristina’ (SIC) to the messages she has received that claim that she has shown herself below, without the contagious joy that the viewers inhabited.The presenter responded to the fans in an emotional outburst. “There are many people who have told me that you can see on my face that I am uncomfortable being here, that my heart is in pain, and is”, begins by saying, assuming fear about the situation that is being lived due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“I was at home myself. There was me, there were mine, there were all those I have here”, vented.“This is going to get worse, and I feel compelled to speak like this so that people will understand. I can get to people’s awareness, which is why I’m here, believe me”, confessed. “I didn’t see myself, I wasn’t going to see myself in the near future until all this was over”, said the face of SIC, which again warned viewers to “stay home”, comply with the quarantine to help fight this disease.

It is recalled that Cristina Ferreira returned to the SIC antenna live after being absent for a week, in which only programs recorded on the morning of the channel were shown. The presenter was in the quarantine at home, with her son, Tiago, but had to return to work. Since he returned last Monday, March 23, Cristina Ferreira has worried fans for being fragile and apparently thinner.

Despite the support and strength it has received from some fans, other followers did not hesitate to leave criticism for having returned to work during this difficult period.

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